5 High-Profit Small Businesses From Home With Low Investment

5 High-Profit Small Businesses From Home With Low Investment

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Small Businesses have become a part of life when it comes to creating something of your dreams. Talent is all you need and you are good to go. There are a few of those businesses that can run at low investment gifting you with high profit. #ThinkWithNiche

Whenever it comes to starting a business of your dreams, it can turn out to be a little intimidating. Yet the best thing about owning a business is not to pursue the daily tasks of 9 to 5 in a monotonous way. Decision-making and molding the whole business according to the way you want hits different. But there comes a time when many aspiring business owners give up on their dreams.


Mostly due to insufficient finances. But what if we break the ice by letting you know that there are numerous low investment ideas that can turn out to be a successful business and thus your journey towards starting your business can take a shape creating a stable profession for you

Here are a few ideas for businesses with low investment. Let’s educate ourselves.

Courier Services

Courier companies have becomes one of the fastest developing markets in India. It can be started with low investment yielding high profits. Due to the shift in the industry of E-commerce, courier companies have made their place grow at such a rapid pace. If you do not want to start it from the base, you can also take it into consideration when it comes to taking franchises from courier companies that are developed and established. Prices are minimal and the best part is to have access to the technologies, development and training that they have to offer.


Dropshipping is not only successful in today’s lifestyle but it has become a need. It is a method where anyone can open a store online without gathering inventory. Thus no investment of money is needed encouraging the individual to start the business with little funds. When the store sells a product, it is purchased by a third party which is then directly delivered to the customer. It Is that simple. You sell a product, send the order to the supplier and they will ship it for you.


Bakeries have always been famous and popular when it comes to the food business. If you are affluent when it comes to baking, this can turn out to be one of the best businesses that you can start with. The best thing about a bakery is that everything that you require is already present at home. Cakes have always been important for any kind of celebration. Bakery business online can turn out to be successful as it is not only unique but creative and who doesn’t love creativity?

Fashion Boutique

Fashion has always wrapped us in leading a lavish lifestyle or creating the look that we feel makes us stand out. Fashion Boutique online has thus turned out to be quite profitable. Being a fashion designer is not a mandatory reason when it comes to creating the dresses of your dreams, all you need is the skill and love for fashion. It can be taken care of from home. A niche needs to be chosen to create a brand for the boutique. A brand that can cover dresses, jewellery and everything that defines it.

Selling A Service

Your skills can turn out to be the best thing that you have developed till today. Web designing, writing, fitness, photography are a few of those skills that are enough to get started with a business. Proper registration is needed that will help you to get known by people who need your skills. Social media platforms are one of the best platforms to spread word of mouth/


India stands third in the world when it comes to owning the largest start-ups. Money is one of the important factors but if you have skills you can easily start a dream and shape it into a beautiful reality. A proper idea is all you need.

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