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Lessons from the movie “THE INTERN

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Highlights: ‘The Intern’, a movie by Warner Bros. starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, revolves around the story of an old widower who gets sick of his retirements and wishes to work further, and a young businesswoman whose plate is overflowing with her relationship with her husband, her skyrocketing business which is becoming tough to manage, her pride, and one who thinks hiring old interns wasn’t a great idea. But soon she gets to know, how it all changes. ThinkWithNiche

Here are some life lessons you can learn from this movie

1. Trust

Books, stories, movies, and whatnot, still even the summation of all of them can not make you realize the importance of this value and the worth it carries with it. You can truly know this once you experience it. How trust is build up gradually in the characters with time is remarkable. Having someone you can trust is absolute bliss, nurture and take care of it because valuable as it is, delicate it gets.

2. Your Dreams

The relationship with our dreams is like that of a child with his parents. Only the parents can guess how their ward is doing, and it is doubtful for any other parent to completely understand anyone else’s child. The same goes with your dream; only you hold the ability to understand the value your dream carries. Again, it’s unlikely that anyone else would. In some cases, even loved ones don’t understand how much your dream means to you. You can’t rely on people to understand you or your dream, so you better tighten your belt and get to act on and cherish your dreams all by yourself.

3. Take some time out of work

This is one of the lessons you have to learn for yourself because it is shown indirectly. Anne Hathway(playing Jules Ostin) is so involved in her business and venture that she hardly gets to take out time for her family.  And this is the value she herself learns as the movie proceeds. Not giving their family much time itself caused mental chaos for her, piling it over other burdens. And you surely don’t wish for your family to stand over your head when the whole world is crushing you.

4. Entrepreneurship sucks without access

This is one of the most important lessons to learn from this movie. It is shown from the beginning and is spread throughout the movie. You will see Anne(Jules) riding cycles across the floor she works on, passing through every desk and greeting everyone. The message she portrays through this act of hers is that as a budding entrepreneur, you must be accessible by almost everyone who works under you. Since it’s the beginning of your career and theirs, they want to be heard the most and make sure their idea is on the table too.

4. Never Underestimate

Again, this is a spectacular idea that we tend to ignore because of our own personal reasons, the most known of them being an ego, over-confidence, etc. You will get to know how Anne underestimates old interns’ assistance in their firm, where everything demands to be as updated as possible. But soon, she gets to know a little advice from the old ones is not that after all, rather the discussion you will watch in this movie, will all convey little messages for millennials and gen-z which we seem to be rusty and of no more use. Still, these are the very messages that change the lives of people around. One of these lessons is being a gentleman and carrying two handkerchiefs at all times. Yes, I see that smirk on your face that exclaims what a stupid lesson. Well, watch the movie, and you will get to know it saves people many times. You’ll see how a mere handkerchief almost saves a relationship from breaking. 

It is full of more lessons like these; every conversation has a hidden message behind it. So watch for yourselves and learn. Happy learning!

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