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What Is Nostalgia Marketing And Why It Is In Trend In 2021

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Immersing oneself in nostalgia is like enveloping yourself in a warm blanket of “the good ol’ days” in a world that seems to be evolving at a breakneck pace. As we get older, research reveals that nostalgia offers our life a sense of continuity and meaning. That filthy Gameboy on your bookshelf, as well as your increasing vinyl record collection, bring back memories of your younger, more carefree days. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of nostalgia in advertising in persuading customers to part with their hard-earned cash. #ThinkWithNiche

Marketers who are aware of the power of nostalgia are employing a marketing tactic known as nostalgia marketing. There’s a lot of nostalgia marketing out there. If you turn on the television (or go to YouTube), you’re likely to see an advertisement for a show you used to watch as a youngster. Simply put, nostalgia marketing seeks to capture (or rather, re-capture) your audience’s attention by referencing older and more familiar themes from the past — and we’ve seen it work.

According to studies, nostalgia motivates people to spend money since it guarantees a quick return in the shape of pleasant memories and comfort. As organizations realize the value of connecting with their customers on a more in-depth, emotional level, nostalgia marketing initiatives have been increasingly popular in recent years. Boredom, loneliness, and anxiety are all alleviated by nostalgia. It also makes people more accepting of strangers and generous to them. On a cold day, nostalgia might really help individuals feel warmer. According to certain studies, nostalgia can be activated as a coping mechanism for challenging life changes and stressful situations. To put it another way, nostalgia marketing initiatives are more than just a marketing tactic; they’re a psychological phenomenon.

More than half of consumers find solace in old TV episodes, films, and songs from their youth, according to a recent study looking into the effects of COVID-19 on entertainment choices. Pokémon cards are becoming increasingly valuable, and performers from 2000s TV shows such as High School Musical has become hugely popular. Social media platforms are seizing on the ‘nostalgia marketing’ trend that is likely to dominate 2021, as well as adding fun (and sometimes heartbreaking) nostalgic features. Brands can provide consolation in these trying times by using familiar, emotive material. Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, and Burger King are all-embracing nostalgia to connect emotionally with their customers.

Looking to that security and predictability is even more enticing in this wildly uncertain year.

While looking back to childhood has proven to be successful, many of us are now nostalgic for a more recent period – before the pandemic. Smart marketers might be able to offer their customers a “rose-colored glasses” experience when they approach peak pandemic weariness by focusing on life before COVID rather than our current problems. Because the majority of 2021 will appear fairly similar to 2020, nostalgia marketing will continue to be effective.

Consider reintroducing favorite products if your company has been established for a long time or if it is always releasing new things. It will bring back memories for loyal customers to view things they saw years ago, especially if they were sold out at the time they intended to buy them. Because it will be promoted as a new product for them, this advice will also target your newer or younger audience.


You don’t have to be a long-established company to benefit from nostalgia marketing methods. Forward-thinking start-ups like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon have discovered the power of hindsight by looking at other brands that they have used so successfully in the past.

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