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Negative reviews can be hazardous especially for small businesses. Handling the reviews appropriately is very important. It leaves a big impact on your business and image. It is very essential to respond to all reviews. let’s take you to the blog for the detailed version. #ThinkWithNiche

Negative reviews can be hazardous especially for small businesses. Handling the reviews appropriately is very important. It leaves a big impact on your business and image. It is very essential to respond to all reviews. It shows your professionalism. There are several points which one must take care of while dealing with reviews, especially the negative ones. Some tips and points are shared in this blog. Establish yourself in the industry towards success. Your clients are your family and one must be carfull about this fact . Move forward with us here at Niche. 

Reviews build reputation. Reviews are the result of every step you take in business. Small businesses take time to expand, so initially they don’t get much reviews , in this case even a few comments can make a difference and can affect public opinion significantly. Reviews are a concern for all businesses, especially the small ones. Handling the reviews appropriately is very important. It leaves a big impact on your business and image. It is very essential to respond to all reviews. It is a part of responsible and professional behavior. 

Negative reviews can be hazardous especially for small businesses. It is a market nature that a customer writes a review when he has a complaint against the product/ service or an unsatisfactory experience or when your product/ service gets extraordinarily Negative reviews.It can definitely harm a venture, so we need to manage them effectively, honestly and smartly. 

A person checks for reviews before becoming a customer to a small business as it involves trust . People feel they are taking a chance when they are connecting with you initially. There are few DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to handling negative reviews as there are few points needed to be taken care of while dealing with negative reviews. 

Never Ignore

Don’t disregard reviews especially negative ones, people must know you are concerned for their satisfaction and experience with your company as well as your reputation. Respond to them as soon as possible, make a system for the same. so they know that you are concerned and trust worthy. 

Don’t Be Defensive/Angry

Don’t get angry with a review, you think you don’t deserve. Offer a reasonable clarification or a solution to the customer’s problem patiently. Your one wrong step in the wrong way would lead you to lose your potential customers. 

Don’t Argue

Criticism builds an enterprise and leads it to success. Accept it if you know you are at fault and others are making a valid point. Don’t argue for something which is not true on your part. Arguing will lead to negative opinions about you in the market. 

Examine The Complaint And Respond

Check if any point made by the customer is valid or not. If it is valid, compensate it . Offer a solution suitable for both of you and apologies for their inconvenience. Doing mistake in life  is human nature, it’s okay if you are wrong accept it and  correct it as soon as possible. Be responsive. 

Find a Way to Deal With Complex Issues

Issues which involve a particular transaction or a customer’s private information should be dealt with privately and not on a public review platform. It will provide customers with an exact suitable solution and also guard his/her privacy. The customer shall not have to go through a generalized procedure for a particular complaint and so provide the customer a comfortable experience with your company and. this will help you to get more customers through reference. 

Customers Who Get Out Of Line

Running a business is not less than any complex journey. Even if a customer goes out of line and complains, respond calmly, give a clarification and apologies for the customer’s bad experience with the company. 

Fake Reviews

Your competitors may troll you and deliver unfair and totally untrue reviews on your review platform. This practice is unethical but this attack is very common when it comes to businesses. Report fake reviews after proper examination, you can report reviews to a specific site or take other appropriate steps. 

Attracting positive reviews is the only way to outshine negative reviews. Your product/ services can be great and unique but a great customer service will set you apart from others and make your customers happy. You’ll need a dedicated team to address customer’s issues. Pay attention to what you are offering and if there is some fault on your part, make amends and apologies. Encourage customers to leave feedback. Conduct regular surveys to know your position, new trends, expectations from people in the market. Stay ethical to last long in the field. Don’t offer anything to anyone in exchange for positive reviews. Don’t stress out because of negative reviews, they are a part of your business and the nature of the digital world. Respond calmly, focus on how you can do better and provide up to the mark services. 

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