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Lack of innovation is one of the most serious challenges to a company’s success. It is impossible to ignore the speed at which technology accelerates change and disruption in enterprises as the globe advances rapidly. #ThinkWithNiche

Customers are now in control and are exposed to a plethora of brands and merchants who provide thousands of possibilities with a single click. It’s more important than ever to stand out in today’s world. Certain companies and businesses are more aware of this than others. Amazon is the clearest illustration of this, demonstrating that there is plenty of place in the market for a brand that is prepared to listen to customers and give excellent service at every point of the customer journey.

There are numerous possibilities for businesses to use technology to exceed their customers’ expectations in a variety of ways. Many brands, however, fail to innovate.

Artificial intelligence’s role will only grow in the future years as the desire for efficiency and competition continues to develop across numerous industries. Brands can improve their company performance by experimenting and exploring with technology, increasing the user experience, and eventually delivering value to customers with more efficiency.

While adopting 3D design and automation technologies that can enable creatives to develop garments in real-time and provide business leaders the power to order the right fit can be beneficial to the fashion industry, many fashion houses are still having trouble implementing technology at scale.

Lack of Uniformity And Complex Processes

Incorporating digital technology into everyday activities may appear to be a straightforward undertaking to achieve a competitive edge, but it will almost always necessitate the participation of many employees from diverse departments and legacy systems.

If we consider an apparel company, what goes into the production of a t-shirt, for example?The process is complicated and intricate, with different components ranging from product design and fabric selection to pattern making, marking, and so on, they’re all interconnected.

Businesses Are Unable To See Beyond The Return On Investment (ROI).

When it comes to innovation initiatives, it’s the mindset that may make or break a company. Experimenting with new ideas is required for innovation, although not all of the tests will be successful on the first try.

Professionals are frequently hesitant to try out new and innovative ideas because they may have a negative influence on their ROI. Failure would result in a lower ROI and, as a result, lower profitability. However, it is difficult to link the return on investment (ROI) with emerging technology, and a digital transformation path necessitates a completely another set of measures, such as employee engagement or productivity dynamics.

Tech-based organizations are more likely than traditional brands to have an inventive mentality these days. When competitors can create a brand overnight with the help of social media, it’s more important than ever for heritage brands to keep up and adapt, or risk being pushed out of the market.

Problems With Integration

Every change that affects the entire firm must be implemented on multiple levels. It all starts with high-level decision-making and budgeting, and it all ends with thousands of individuals being trained to operate in new ways and transition from old methods. Handling new systems is costly since it necessitates the removal of certain existing operations to make way for new ones.

Fashion Brands Have a Great Opportunity to Reinvent Themselves Right Now

Generation Z had already begun to expect new tech-enabled shopping experiences, but since the outbreak, shoppers have become more ecologically sensitive. For example, some fashion firms are currently using traceability to deploy blockchain technologies that will allow consumers to view the garment’s lifespan and what happens when they return it. Brands must use these social media approaches to make videos that illustrate behind-the-scenes sustainable methods that retailers are implementing in their operations to satisfy customer demands and enhance brand loyalty.


Don’t just go with the first unique, creative idea that comes to mind. Continue to talk with your staff, look into what your competitors are up to, and, most importantly, critically assess your company from the perspective of your customers.

 The changing focus to establish meaning for your brand and foster a community among your consumers aligns with the modern consumer’s need for firms that stand for more than just making a sale.

Once your business means something to your customers, you’ll notice it making a difference in the world. And, as you’ve probably figured out, improving the world also means making money.

Accept risks, take chances, nurture your community, and make a difference.

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