Last Minute Tips for Small Business Owners: How to Prepare Your Small Business for Black Friday

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So, if you’re ready for the holiday season, don’t forget about preparing your own product or services. This is your chance to stand out among the crowd and maintain customer satisfaction! #ThinkWithNiche

It’s not too late to get ready for Black Friday. You can be successful with these few key preparations, like figuring out your inventory and marketing strategy.

Plan your strategy

As with any major holiday sale event, it’s a good idea to plan out your strategy early, especially with so many great deals happening all at once. Make sure to:

Start your research early: Before you set foot into the store, research the retailer’s prices so that you’re ready to take advantage of big sales on Friday.

Before you set foot into the store, research the retailer’s prices so that you’re ready to take advantage of big sales on Friday. Check the deal history: This is critical as you can’t afford to miss any great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Check them out on Google News and compare them with prior prices. It’s not enough to see a low price; you have to know when it was last discounted as you won’t be able to compare apples to apples when it’s the last deal on the lot.

Get your store ready

First, make sure your store is ready to go on Black Friday. Most large chain stores will be running limited hours on Thanksgiving Day, but their doors will be open for the holiday. And in the spirit of giving, most retailers will be running special deals for the day after Thanksgiving as well.

If you don’t want to do the work of preparing your store for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, ask your competitor to do it for you. This will give you some of their work for free, saving you tons of time and money.

Even if you do prepare your store, you may not be prepared for all the crowds. Shopping on Black Friday can be stressful, and shoppers are always ready to fight for that item they are looking for.

Create a Marketing Plan

To get a leg up on the competition and capture more attention during the holiday shopping season, you need to give your customer a reason to shop. This means you need to create a marketing plan that draws attention to your business during a busy shopping season.

So, what can you do?

To be successful, you must first consider your target market. If you’re a local business, who exactly do you want to attract to your store? What topics do they want to hear about?

With that knowledge, your marketing plan can be crafted.

Prepare your inventory

To start your holiday sales season off strong, you’ll need to get organized and come up with a plan. To help you brainstorm, identify a starting point for your holiday sales strategy.

After surveying several industries and gauging their Black Friday tips, many companies shared their best advice for preparing inventory.

Restock your shelves now so your business can stay fully stocked with the must-have items ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some companies suggest building a couple of weeks of inventory ahead of the big sales days to avoid a rush.

This will help ensure your products will be there for customers when they need them the most. To stock up, spend some time browsing your products to see what you already have in stock. Many retailers have already started their Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad pages or their email newsletters to let customers know what’s up for grabs.

If you’re ready to stock up on other holiday products, the time to do so is now.

Decide on any promotions or discounts you want to offer

If you have a small business, you probably have already had some marketing discussions to plan the best ways to reach customers this holiday season. But don’t be afraid to say “no” to offers that aren’t right for you. You can always revisit them once you have put together a proper sales plan.

There are several perks for holding off on making holiday deals public. It allows you to see which sales resonate with customers and which ones don’t.

On the flip side, you can also build momentum with a loyal group of customers by not announcing specials until a certain date.

Last-minute shopping tips for small business owners:

  • Always check for price matching offers
  • On Black Friday, many large retailers will do whatever it takes to get shoppers through their doors.

Business is booming this holiday season. The Holiday Spending Survey shows an increase of 4.5 percent this year to an estimated $692.9 billion in sales by December 24, as per the National Retail Federation (NRF). That’s despite it still being the slowest year for spending on record.

What is even more encouraging is that 68 percent of people plan to make their purchases over the Black Friday weekend, according to the NRF survey. So, if your small business is among those that are ready for the holiday season, you need to prepare for the holiday shopping season by preparing your product or services.

This is going to be your chance to stand out among the crowd and maintain a level of customer satisfaction.

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