Unrealistic Expectations With Startup

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Plan your milestones and keep track of them on a regular basis. Although you are your own boss, you must maintain strong discipline because you will be the person who your teammates look up to. To increase inner motivation, positive attitudes, and minimize burnout, a solid work-life balance is required. #ThinkWithNiche

As an entrepreneur, you begin with a plan that you believe is viable and, in some cases, extremely profitable. Nobody can easily gain triumph in such a short amount of time. Unreasonable beliefs could derail your startup just as quickly as they started it.

The notion ‘Failing to plan is planning to break’ serves more than just an encouragement sentence to people. It is an important alarm, especially for budding entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur, you are responsible not only for yourself but the success of your startup and also your teammates. Having no construction to your every day or a proper business plan just simply leads your startup to catastrophe valley. Plan your milestones and track them periodically. Although you are the boss of yourself, strict discipline is required as you will be the person your teammates look up to. Set the correct example for your quality followers.

Newly established startups might be lacking in funds but definitely not lacking in trusting others’ roles, responsibilities, and capabilities! Sometimes founders do take on numerous roles, but isn’t there another notion, ‘Don’t put your eggs in one basket?

The Eggs are the responsibility and the Baskets are you and your group members. Yes, it is common for multi-role players in a startup but as the leader of your group, you should be rolling out the eggs (roles &responsibilities) wisely into the different baskets (your teammates) by acknowledging where are their power and capabilities. Otherwise, trying to be a part of everything could harm your health while producing no benefits. And this, in turn, leads to a disaster valley for your startup.

There are no smooth or direct paths for startups to walk upon. Obstacles, challenges, issues, people, money, industry, services and more, affect your startup capability. It is sage to do in-depth researches on the industry, audience and even competitors then set practical beliefs for your startup. Sometimes, projecting the future in the worst structure than the best possible scenes. It is always better to plan ahead.

Promising the services or products of your startups to your audience just simply spells ‘Disaster’. If an entrepreneur exhibits such conduct to their audience, it could be the same for their startup team too. It works the same way. You win loyal customers and teammates by building trust, and relationships, the quality of services or products of your startup walking in line with your visions and missions.


A good work-life balance is needed to raise inner motivation, positive attitudes and avoid burnout. Choosing to be your own boss, you have the pliable in plan your schedule. But being your own boss at the same time also puts much more charge on your shoulders than just being a typical employee. It is extremely possible you could be trying to be ‘everywhere at the same time that you ignore your needs for personal life. This links back to having proper planning done and building faith with your teammates.

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