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6 Feng Shui Lucky Charms For Success In Business

Some shop owners prefer to display their lucky charms for business by placing them on racks or hanging them near the front door. The flow of energies within an individual is an important consideration in the FengShui healing process. These energies have the power to create something beautiful or to clear negative energy in order to embrace positivity. Money good luck charms are also popular, as they ensure that no financial problems arise.

Here are some FengShui lucky charms that will help you succeed in business and in life. If you’re trying to succeed in business, FengShui good luck charms are worth a shot. Let’s keep going down the list.

Statue Of An Ox

Ox is known for being dependable, trustworthy, and loyal. Many people admire this Chinese zodiac sign. Lucky ox is a good human being who brings justice to all situations. It is not only trustworthy, but it will also give them the courage to face challenges, ensuring their safety and loyalty. For business advancement, this should be placed in the northwest corner of your home or office.

Money Tree

This auspicious tree is said to bring prosperity and good fortune in both business and finances. These not only bring wealth, but also positive energies that bring happiness and luck. Money trees made of amethyst are beneficial to office workers because they create a balance between the owner and the employees. This should be in the southeast corner of your work area.


When it comes to Feng-Shui, the dragon is a majestic symbol. According to Chinese culture, it is sacred and is known to be a tough and powerful creature. This symbol represents strength, honour, abundance, and good fortune. As a result, it’s the ideal good luck charm for success.


The Laughing Buddha is revered as the personification of happiness and peace. It is thought to bring good fortune to business owners. They not only bring wealth, abundance, and prosperity, but they also bring happiness to the environment by removing worries. Choose a Buddha with a rounded belly, as the larger the belly, the greater the likelihood of future success. Wishes come true when you rub your belly. To attract wealth, it should be kept on the work desk or in the southern east area of the workplace.

Lucky Cat

A cheerful golden cat waving at you will greet you as you enter various shops or restaurants. This statue is said to bring prosperity and happiness to the person who wears it. They can be placed almost anywhere. It aids in bringing unexpected good fortune. The cashier or the entry are preferred by the owners.

Money Frog 

Money Frog has a reputation for bringing in cash and business. It is one of the most powerful symbols of wealth. The frog in the statue is either sitting on coins or has two coins in his mouth. The golden one is the most auspicious. It’s a good idea to put it on the northern side or near the door. The face appeared to be pointing inside the house.

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