In-depth Knowledge Series – LIC IPO

Insurance Corporation of India IPO details have been released, and we will go over every detail you need to know about the LIC IPO.

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Life Insurance Corporation of India

India’s largest insurance company is the LIC. It has a market share of more than 66.2 percent in terms of new business premium. Unit-linked insurance products, saving insurance plans, term life insurance products, medical insurance, and defined benefit & pension products are among the company’s participating and non-participating insurance products.

On September 30, 2021, it had a total AUM of Rs. 39 lakh crores listed. There are 2048 branch offices, 113 divisional office spaces, and 1,554 satellite offices in the LIC network. Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Fiji, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Kingdom are among the countries where it has offices.

Reasons for the LIC IPO LIC is experiencing low new policy growth as it continues to lose market share to private insurers, especially in urban areas.One of the reasons for the IPO’s opening is that insurance and investment products have a very low profit margin.

Because its business model is unlike any other, valuing LIC is extremely difficult. LIC takes money up front with the promise of later reimbursement to policyholders. They do not earn money from the premiums they collect (which are half insurance and half investment).

Let’s talk about the initial public offering.

The initial public offering (IPO) of LIC will begin today, May 4, 2022: One of the most anticipated initial public offerings, the LIC IPO, debuted today and will remain open until May 9. Here are some things to think about before bidding.

The Life Insurance Corporation’s (LIC) initial public offering (IPO) goes live today in India’s primary markets, making it the country’s largest public offering to date. The LIC IPO drew the attention of anchor investors on May 2. Notably, rather than the 5% described in the previous Draft Red Herring Prospectus, the government, which owns the insurance behemoth, plans to sell a 3.5 percent stake (DRHP).

The following points will be useful now that the IPO is open.

Dates for the LIC IPO are May 4th to 9th.

The price range for each equity share in the LIC IPO has been set at 902 to 949 dollars. When applying for the public issue, policyholders and LIC employees will receive a 60 and 45 percent discount, respectively.

The Government of India expects to raise 21,008.48 crores from the tender offer, making it the country’s largest IPO to date.

Claimants will be able to submit their applications in lots of 15, with each IPO lot containing 15 LIC shares. An applicant can apply for up to fourteen lots or 210 stocks, with a minimum of one lot or 210 shares. As a result, the bare minimum required to apply for the IPO is 14,235 shares (i.e., 949 x 15). For retail investors, policyholders, and LIC employees, the maximum bid amount is Rs 2 lakh.


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