Three Inspirational Success Stories of Young Entrepreneurs

Younger generations are full of life, and their dreams have no limits. They are driven and adventurous in their thinking and pursuit of knowledge, making it easy for them to decide what they want to do in this fast-paced world.

The World has witnessed the growth of young entrepreneurs, and India has been an important step in the long-term evolution of the great brains. This is due to the technical knowledge of the country’s younger population, who has been able to adapt and persevere. This has allowed for the growth of different sectors, with younger demographics outperforming larger organizations and the organized sector with their innovative ideas and new business opportunities.

Let’s look at the three inspiring success stories of young entrepreneurs from India:

1. Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran

“The Tech Brothers”

Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay, two of the most young entrepreneurs in India, launched their company “Go Dimensions Website link for Go Dimensions at the tender age of 10. Their company focuses on software development units. These tech brothers are passionate about software leads.

There are 11 apps for children created by them, 7 of which are in the Apple App Store/ Apple Store Online and 3 at the Android Play Store. Colour Palette is one of their most popular applications. It includes Alphabet Board and Prayer Planet.

They are also the youngest speakers on TED Conferences LLC. Click on the link to see some of their experiences on the Tedx Talks TEDx Talks YouTube Channel

2. Advait Thakur Personal website Link to Advait Thakur

“Teenage Internet Entrepreneur”

Advait Thakur, a teenage entrepreneur, founded Apex Infosys India and became its CEO at the tender age of 12. At the age of 6, Advait Thakur began to be interested in programming and computers. He launched his first website at age 9. He also works with Google’s AI, Cloud. He is also an expert on platforms like Hubspot, Bing and Google.

He is the Wikia’s Young Entrepreneurs Under 20 2017 and holds the 4th position. He launched the “Technology Quiz” app at 14 years old. This app provides a rich education for children and young people about Science and Technology.

He has also been connected to many NGOs and introduced an app called “Autism Awareness”, which educates and informs users on autism and other disorders in children, helping them to understand the needs and diagnoses of special-abled children.

3. Arjun Rai Learn More About Arjun Rai

“Kid Out of the Box”.

Arjun Rai is one such. Arjun Rai is one of those teens who wanted to add a new dimension to the Advertising and Promotions Arena. He made it possible. Arjun was promoted to the COO of an advertising company in 2010. He then started Odysseys Ads, which has been a huge success for both marketers and businesses.

Later, he started more successful start-ups, including “The Biz Den”,”, and “Word Data AI” Website for Word Data AI and Link To Hello Woofy.

This start-up was highly appreciated and became a leader in visual management of various projects. Arjun- Personal website of Arjun Rai was 21 years old when he established himself as a selfmade millionaire, thereby establishing a new standard in India for start ups.


These young entrepreneurs have made a difference in their lives and inspired others to do the same. They are a credit to their ability to bring about a complete transformation in the world. However, as we all know, children develop from within their families. This is why parental guidance is so important for inspiring success stories. When it comes to creating a bright future for the next generation, combined effort and synergy of mindset work wonders.


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