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International Day of Friendship 2022: A Spirit of Compassion and Harmony

Friends are always someone we look up to for their support and unwavering love, no matter how difficult. It is also our friends who make life easier,more fun, and more enjoyable. They are there to support us in our worst times, but also to laugh at us. They are there to support us and love us unconditionally. To celebrate friendship, July 30th is designated the International Day of Friendship. “We Are All Different” aims to promote understanding and acceptance.

Because we value diversity, our children will grow up in a more positive and compassionate environment. The World Friendship Crusade is an international civil organization that works to promote peace through friendship . It proposed the first World Friendship Day on July 30, 1958. Many years later, the United Nations General Assembly declared that July 30th was the International Day of Friendship in 2011.

World Friendship Day , and the International Day of Friendship are being observed more often online than through local community events. These events attempt to unify people from different backgrounds because of social media’s increasing global appeal. Friendship Day is observed in many other countries, including India, on the 1st Sunday of August.

History of International Day of Friendship

The idea of the first ever friendship day was created even before the World Friendship Crusade suggested it. Joyce Hall submitted the idea on August 2, 1930. In 1920, the National Association tried to promote the idea using Friendship Day as an advertising stunt to increase greeting card sales. However, the plan was unsuccessful.

International Friendship Day

The United Nations believes the International Day of Friendship will promote social harmony, world peace and security . Among the dividing elements and challenges that can affect global peace, security, stability, and social harmony is poverty, violence and human rights violations. Fostering and maintaining human solidarity. There are many ways to do this, but friendship is the most important. Friendship is vital to address the root causes behind these difficulties and crises.

The World Friendship Day Theme for this year

“Sharing humanity through friendship” was the theme for International Friendship Day 2022.

Friendship is a key element in ensuring peace and prosperity across the globe. Fostering friendships between people, societies, nations can help us achieve greater stability, solidarity, peace, and prosperity.

This theme focuses on the unique qualities of friendship, where people can be won over by sharing feelings of joy or peace.

International Friendship Day Celebrations in Several Nations 2022

Friendship Day is observed worldwide. These events are held on different dates. It is observed in Ecuador and Mexico, Venezuela, Finland Estonia, and the Dominican Republic. This event is primarily for singles who have not found a partner. Ukraine celebrates the occasion on June 9, while South Africa does so on April 16.

International Friendship Day Customs

We honor friends who support us, correct us when our behavior isn’t right, offer their help while we are busy with adulting, and come visit us at night to lift our spirits, as well as the long-distance friendship that has endured over borders.

Friendship has different meanings for each person. There are many factors that influence the strength of a friendship bond. Even though we may not have been friends for a while, we may consider someone we’ve only just met our best friend. Every person’s customs, and every occasion are different.


This day is dedicated towards valuing diversity and inclusion. The goal of International Day of Friendshipis to embrace everyone, regardless of their appearance, and to include everyone.

Spending time with those we love is a great way to bond. You can use this opportunity to express yourself by writing a beautiful message or going out to lunch with friends to celebrate. We interact with people every day, so we don’t know of any better way to connect with them than to be among those we most often interact with.

There are many ways to remember your friendships.

You can send cards and flowers, or spend some time with someone you care about. Time is limited and it will soon be gone. Return it.

Gifts of Friendship Day

On Friendship Day, it is common to share gifts such as flowers, cards, and wristbands. A thoughtful, small gift can make a bigger impact than a more expensive one. These are just a few ideas of what you might give.

A frame with a photo of you two is a great gift for friends who have a long relationship. You can find friendship bracelets that are suitable for children and adults.

Although friendship cards are readily available on the market, homemade cards are more special.

A bouquet of flowers or one flower is a pleasant gift on this day.


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