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Aman Gupta – A Success Story Beyond Shark Tank

Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited is the owner of the audio consumer electronics brand boAt. He serves as Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. This page is for Aman Gopta Biography. He’s a favorite of yours.


Aman Gupta’s networth can be found online by many people. Shark Tank India fans have seen Aman Gupta demonstrate that he is able to create brands. Although there were many music-friendly ideas for the brand (on The Kapil Sharma Show), Aman, co-founder of boAt, a company that currently holds 48 percent market share in its industry, stated that they wanted to create a lasting impression with their users during the branding process. They chose the first word that came to their minds from the second alphabet, since Apple was already taken.

Aman Gupta, despite numerous business failures and perseverance, created a start up that is the favorite choice of the country’s youth. His audio-electric company boAt was a global leader in a very short time. This company now holds 48 percent of this market share. Continue reading to find out more about Aman Gopta’s success story. Aman Gupta is a Delhi boy, just like Peyush B and Ashneer Grover . Both are Shark Tank India investors. He was born in Delhi on March 4, 1982 and graduated Commerce High School in 1998. Aman was born to Jyoti Kochar and Neeraj Gupta. He has two brothers: Anmol Gupta is his brother and Neha Gupta is his sister. He married Priya Dagar in 2008. Their two daughters are Ada Gupta & Miraya Gupta.

Gupta said that they believe in creating money and not burning money in an interview with Forbes India about the company’s remarkable success in a market dominated by established players. We may be the first direct-to consumer brand to achieve a revenue of Rs 1000 crore and stay profitable for the first year. Aman Gupta, a great entrepreneur, is also one of many investors on Shark Tank India. He supports young entrepreneurs with business skills and sells products. Aman Gupta, according to his Instagram account, enjoys going on holiday and is a huge football and cricket fanatic. Gupta is also known to enjoy a beer with friends, as shown by the many photos he has taken with them. According to reports, Aman Gupta is a Delhi-based businessman who drives a BMW X1. BoAt co-founder Aman Gupta was also a frequent traveler, as evidenced by his trip to the FIFA World Cup. Before joining Shark Tank India, Aman Gupta had been an active investor. The Indian edition of Shark Tank India was a huge success and co-founder of boAt invested in seven new companies. He would likely continue to do so, as well as in future seasons.

Aman Gupta’s business generated an astonishing INR 500 crore revenue in fiscal 2020, despite the pandemic. Image Marketing Services Pvt. is BOAT’s custodian. Ltd. was established by Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta in November 2013. Amam Gupta was educated and worked in many different settings after he graduated. As the Director of India Sales at Harman International, an industry giant in the audio sector, Amam Gupta was a successful entrepreneur. They sold headphones, earphones and speakers as well as travel chargers and luxury packages. Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited was founded by Sameer Ashok and Aman Mehta in November 2013. It is the corporation which owns the boAt trademark. Aman is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of the company. BoAt, a company that focuses on millennials, sells headphones and headsets as well as smartwatches, speakers and other consumer audio gadgets. It is one of India’s top five most popular wearable brands and has seen rapid growth.

Aman Gupta’s unyielding spirit and ability to learn from his mistakes has helped him create a niche on the market. They made Rs 100 million in domestic sales within the first two years. Aman Gupta is primarily focused on Image Marketing, which is boAt’s custodian company. He worked in many settings after completing his studies. As the India Sales Manager at Harman International, he was a successful entrepreneur. In 2016, he founded “boat”. The “boat” started selling “trendy audio products.” They have been selling high-quality headphones and earbuds as well as speakers, chargers, tough cables, and portable chargers for the past two years. The company made a profit of Rs 100 million from property sales. Apple’s durable charging cord and charger were the first items in the “BoAt”.

The boAt can be found in over 5,000 retailers, and it is supported by 20 distributors. It has sold over 20 million Indians gadgets, and plans to sell more than 10,000 per day and four millions units annually. According to reports, Aman’s annual salary from baAt exceeds INR 40 million. The assets and profits of Aman Gupta’s business ventures are not made public. Aman Gupta is a young, energetic shark. Aman Gupta was able to negotiate a deal for 75 lakhs INR in six years.


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