How can inventors find entrepreneurs to merge talents and finance new projects

The Indian start-up scenario has turned vibrant in recent years with total venture investment reaching from 2005 to 2010 being touted to be around INR 1,11,700 crore.

India- An Emerging Foreign Direct Investment Hub

Foriegn Direct Investment in India means companies from abroad setting up their factories locally, producing local jobs, increasing revenue and providing major tax revenue opportunities to the government and lastly putting India on a global pedestal where the world realizes that India is a safe economy for staggering investments.#ThinkWithNiche

Unskilled Labor-The Strength behind Small Businesses

Micro, small or medium sized businesses or enterprises commonly known as SMEs are practically responsible for creating up to two third jobs worldwide, and help to create new jobs each year, giving employment to mostly unskilled labour.

The success story behind Theobroma you must know for a business inspiration tank

The word Theobroma translates to “Food of The God ”. Since the Kainaz and her family had an inkling towards plants, Theobroma happens to be the cocoa plant’s botanical name.

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