How to get a Data Analysis Job – The Ultimate Guide

Post Highlights Data analytics is a growing field. Data analysts use tools like Excel and Python to identify trends in business data and present the findings in visual forms. They present their findings in graphs, charts, and tables. And they are set to earn a higher salary than most other fields because of this. #ThinkWithNicheContinue reading “How to get a Data Analysis Job – The Ultimate Guide”

Analyse Your Finance, Set A Long-Term Goal

Post Highlights Financial analysis is used to analyze whether the monetary process of your business is stable, flexible, or profitable enough to secure the financial investment. Financial analysis is a very important part for a business to flow your economic system smoothly. #ThinkWithNiche Financial analysis is a method of determining a company’s, sub- company’s, orContinue reading “Analyse Your Finance, Set A Long-Term Goal”

How To Pick The Right Product Metrics

Post Highlights Metrics have the power to deliver a wide range of information and insights to companies and teams. To be helpful, metrics must be actionable (that is, they must lead business decisions), accessible, and auditable. Product, marketing, and sales teams can use this data-driven knowledge to better understand what motivates their target audiences. ThisContinue reading “How To Pick The Right Product Metrics”

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