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Kia back with a bang – Niro EV

Post Highlights EVs are the future, you know it. Fossil fuels won’t last, you know it. You can make a change! You know it. Why wait and think if you should buy an EV or go for a coal rolling fume burning car? Join the revolution, buy the EV, and read about the next bigContinue reading “Kia back with a bang – Niro EV”

Hyundai Kona EV 2021 – Hello Future

Post Highlights Plugin the charger, put on some music, have a cup of coffee, and your Kona will be ready to take you around. New EV in town! Read on to know and book it when it comes. #ThinkWithNiche The era of electric vehicles has already begun, and all the automotive companies are ready toContinue reading “Hyundai Kona EV 2021 – Hello Future”

5 Success Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn From Henry Ford

Post Highlights On a farm in Michigan, a baby boy was born in 1863. That kid would grow up to repair watches expertly, invent ‘Fordism’ (mass manufacture of low-cost goods while compensating employees generously), and build an empire based on assembly lines and mass production. #ThinkWithNiche Henry Ford’s accomplishment is more than simply a historicalContinue reading “5 Success Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn From Henry Ford”