A Changemaker In The Community

Post Highlights So, too, will sustainability, which, like the digital revolution, will create new value and development and pervade all we do. Let’s take you to the detailed blog. #ThinkWithNiche With the adoption of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, India joined 192 other member countries. (SDGs). The SDGs contain goals suchContinue reading “A Changemaker In The Community”

How Community Building Can Help Your Company: Gain A Competitive Advantage

Post Highlights The term “CMO” may now refer to a company’s “Chief Community Officer” rather than its “Chief Marketing Officer.” As more organisations realized the difference between creating a community and just gaining/buying social media followers, this new CMO position became necessary. Certain organisations have enough clout to influence a company’s product design and marketingContinue reading “How Community Building Can Help Your Company: Gain A Competitive Advantage”

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