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Unrealistic Expectations With Startup

Post Highlights Plan your milestones and keep track of them on a regular basis. Although you are your own boss, you must maintain strong discipline because you will be the person who your teammates look up to. To increase inner motivation, positive attitudes, and minimize burnout, a solid work-life balance is required. #ThinkWithNiche As an entrepreneur,Continue reading “Unrealistic Expectations With Startup”

Build Sanitation Give Birth To A Clean India

Post Highlights The Government of India established the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to address India’s sanitation and waste management issues by guaranteeing hygiene throughout the country. The project’s major goal is to build sanitary facilities for everyone and offer a toilet to every rural home. Read the article below to learn why sanitation is so criticalContinue reading “Build Sanitation Give Birth To A Clean India”