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Coherent Ways To Interpret Your Survey Results

Post Highlights A survey’s data does not sort or analyze itself. You’ll need a team dedicated to going through survey results and identifying relevant trends and behaviors for your marketing, sales, and customer service teams. In this post, we’ll go over how to analyze survey results. #ThinkWithNiche The process of generating conclusions from survey dataContinue reading “Coherent Ways To Interpret Your Survey Results”

How to Make an Effective Resume

Post Highlights A fresher resume is completed differently from an experienced candidate. A fresher resume is a basic introduction of the candidate. The individual who has recently graduated from high school or college or who has limited working experience. Most of the resume follows chronological formats like skills achievements, and experiences should be written inContinue reading “How to Make an Effective Resume”

Golden Handcuffs Low Cost Employee Retention Ideas

Post Highlights According to recent surveys, 25% of employees plan to search for new employment after the pandemic, and 52% are thinking about changing the type of jobs they’re looking for. #ThinkWithNiche The event has been nicknamed “The Great Resignation.” So, how do you keep your most valued team members? Merriam Webster describes golden handcuffsContinue reading “Golden Handcuffs Low Cost Employee Retention Ideas”

Top Four Bollywood Movies Based on Business all Time

Post Highlights  Presently, it has enhanced the new generation of cinema for a few years. Where Bollywood directors and issuance startup and business-based movies. These movies teach several There is no dearth of invigorating movies if one considers cinematic contribution over the globe each year. Hindi Cinema is the world’s second-largest movie composing by eachContinue reading “Top Four Bollywood Movies Based on Business all Time”