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Automation Fashion Industries 4 Challenges

Post Highlights Lack of innovation is one of the most serious challenges to a company’s success. It is impossible to ignore the speed at which technology accelerates change and disruption in enterprises as the globe advances rapidly. #ThinkWithNiche Customers are now in control and are exposed to a plethora of brands and merchants who provideContinue reading “Automation Fashion Industries 4 Challenges”

4 Purchase Tactics to Enhance Customer Experience

Post Highlights To do so, you’ll need to devise a post-purchase strategy to implement after a consumer presses the buy button. Most marketers are aware of this, but fail to put it into practice. #ThinkWithNiche In the eCommerce world, the post-purchase experience is completely disconnected. This is because, as communicators, we are accustomed to focusingContinue reading “4 Purchase Tactics to Enhance Customer Experience”

Reframing Your Attitude To Take A Customer-Centric View In Customer Service And Hospitality

Post Highlights A beautiful portion of the novella The Ballad of the Sad Cafe is about the power of hospitality. When people are confronted with the world’s judgments and privations, they feel as though their lives aren’t valued by society or commerce, according to Carson McCullers. #ThinkWithNiche “The deep stinging sense that you are notContinue reading “Reframing Your Attitude To Take A Customer-Centric View In Customer Service And Hospitality”