How to get a Data Analysis Job – The Ultimate Guide

Post Highlights Data analytics is a growing field. Data analysts use tools like Excel and Python to identify trends in business data and present the findings in visual forms. They present their findings in graphs, charts, and tables. And they are set to earn a higher salary than most other fields because of this. #ThinkWithNicheContinue reading “How to get a Data Analysis Job – The Ultimate Guide”

Coherent Ways To Interpret Your Survey Results

Post Highlights A survey’s data does not sort or analyze itself. You’ll need a team dedicated to going through survey results and identifying relevant trends and behaviors for your marketing, sales, and customer service teams. In this post, we’ll go over how to analyze survey results. #ThinkWithNiche The process of generating conclusions from survey dataContinue reading “Coherent Ways To Interpret Your Survey Results”

Your Data May Be At Risk. Learn The ABCs of Internet Safety

Post Highlights Data security is one of the major modern issues our generation faces. Our data is constantly at threat from hackers, etc. Hence it’s important to know how to be safe on the internet. Learn the ABCs of internet safety. #ThinkWithNiche We live in the golden age of the internet. Pick any aspect ofContinue reading “Your Data May Be At Risk. Learn The ABCs of Internet Safety”

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