Introverts Successfully Work From Home

Client demands evolved in ways that complimented introverts’ capabilities, and virtual communication provided introverts with additional opportunities to communicate their ideas. Work from home employment provided not just a less strenuous daily for ‘silent deliverers’ who may have previously fallen by the wayside.#ThinkWithNiche To Read More Click Here

Know Everything about ESOPs

Post Highlights ESOPs, are a form of employee benefit plan that provides employees a share in the company. Employee stock ownership schemes are provided in the form of direct shares, profit-sharing programs, or incentives, and the employer has a complete choice over who is eligible. Here read the below article to know more about ESOPs.Continue reading “Know Everything about ESOPs”

Golden Handcuffs Low Cost Employee Retention Ideas

Post Highlights According to recent surveys, 25% of employees plan to search for new employment after the pandemic, and 52% are thinking about changing the type of jobs they’re looking for. #ThinkWithNiche The event has been nicknamed “The Great Resignation.” So, how do you keep your most valued team members? Merriam Webster describes golden handcuffsContinue reading “Golden Handcuffs Low Cost Employee Retention Ideas”

Select And Attract Your Employee With Care

Post Highlights Every start-up has to go through this initial stage. Everything has a day of starting. But when you are just a newcomer in the market with your business you have to take care of certain limitations and strategies. Here you go, read the article to know in detail. #ThinkWithNiche.   The newcomer companiesContinue reading “Select And Attract Your Employee With Care”

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