Zomato Completed Shut Down of its South Africa Subsidiary

News Synopsis Food Delivery company Zomato has completely shut down its South Africa subsidiary this month. According to the BSE filing, the company has confirmed that Zomato South Africa Proprietory Ltd has been deregistered. The process of dissolution was started in November last year. Zomato has said in a filing last year that the SouthContinue reading “Zomato Completed Shut Down of its South Africa Subsidiary”

Cloud Kitchen: The Profitable Rise in Food Industry

Post Highlights A cloud kitchen is a low-risk, low-investment alternative for market testing novel culinary items and brand concepts. Because of its operational efficiency and inexpensive start-up costs, several restaurant advisors concur that the cloud kitchen concept provides a huge possibility. After reading this essay, you will understand why you should choose cloud kitchen. #ThinkwithNicheContinue reading “Cloud Kitchen: The Profitable Rise in Food Industry”

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