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Art And Woodwork: Turn Hobby Into Opportunity

Post Highlights Business of selling and distributing craft products is reinvented in the present digital economy. There is now a whole online marketplace for handmade goods. It is more of an opportunity for housewives, students, etc. it includes frames, wall hangings, designer covers, other decor stuff, etc which mainly surrounds us. There can be manyContinue reading “Art And Woodwork: Turn Hobby Into Opportunity”

3 Strategies For Being More Authentic In Business

Post Highlights Authenticity is essential in business. Vulnerability. Imperfection. There’s no reason to act like someone you’re not. What occurred in the end? More fulfilling and personal work experience, with an appealing allure that attracts future business. As a result of the pandemic, we all ended up Zooming each other out of our closets whenContinue reading “3 Strategies For Being More Authentic In Business”