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World’s Top 10 Billionaires: 2022

A billionaire is someone with a minimum of $1 billion in total wealth. This is equal to one billion. Forbes named Elon Musk as the Top Billionaire for 2022, surpassing Jeff Bases lastyear. Musk now has 2.85 billion dollars more wealth than last year. The number of billionaires has dropped slightly from 2,855 billionaires last years. This year, thereContinue reading “World’s Top 10 Billionaires: 2022”

A Business Strategy according to Jeff Bezos

Post Highlights The best way to succeed in business is to take the second path that leads to short-term losses but long-term innovation and growth. It should be noted that execution matters enormously! Here’s how to execute your strategy according to Jeff Bezos’ principles. #Thinkwithniche What is the best way to succeed in business? In hisContinue reading “A Business Strategy according to Jeff Bezos”