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Success Story: Journey of KIA Motors

KIA Motors is now a major sponsor of a variety of sports and events. FIFA, UEFA, National Basket Ball Association, Asian Games, Archery World Cup, FIFA World Cup, Korea Speed Festival, X Games Asia, Atlanta Falcons, England Women’s Cricket Team, KIA Tigers, Philippines National Football Team, and other organizations. Athletes such as Ryan Ford, BlakeContinue reading “Success Story: Journey of KIA Motors”

Kia back with a bang – Niro EV

Post Highlights EVs are the future, you know it. Fossil fuels won’t last, you know it. You can make a change! You know it. Why wait and think if you should buy an EV or go for a coal rolling fume burning car? Join the revolution, buy the EV, and read about the next bigContinue reading “Kia back with a bang – Niro EV”