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9 Must-Have Leadership Qualities

Post Highlights A strong leader has several abilities that enable them to communicate with their team productively and positively to reach a common goal. Some people are born with certain leadership qualities, while others gain them via experience and formal instruction. Many businesses search for these qualities in candidates for management jobs, but leadership skillsContinue reading “9 Must-Have Leadership Qualities”

Tips for Team Leadership

Post Highlights What if you only had one way to lead your team? You could be successful, but that’s not how teams work. A good team is made up of people who work together in harmony and can think on their feet. This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about teamContinue reading “Tips for Team Leadership”

IIM Lucknow’s Senior Leadership Programme

Post Highlights IIM Lucknow offers a personalized one-on-one approach to culture and leadership development. It includes feedback from IIM Lucknow faculty and the chance to reflect on your communication skills. You will learn the critical skills needed to be an effective leader in any organization. #ThinkWithNiche IIM Lucknow’s Senior Leadership Programme is a two-tiered programContinue reading “IIM Lucknow’s Senior Leadership Programme”

ऐसे करें ठीक जब Leadership हो Weak

Post Highlights यदि, एक Leader के रूप में, आपको लगता है कि आपके पास इनमें से कुछ नेतृत्व कमजोरियां Leadership Weakness हो सकती हैं, तो ऐसी कई रणनीतियां हैं जिनका उपयोग आप अपनी कमजोरियों को सुधारने के लिए कर सकते हैं। इस लेख में, हम पता लगाते हैं कि नेतृत्व की कमजोरियां क्या हैं औरContinue reading “ऐसे करें ठीक जब Leadership हो Weak”

Growth Mindset Blossoms into Successful Leadership

Post Highlights Leadership is growth itself. You will surely break barriers if you understand the strengths that can be utilized perfectly in a challenging environment. #ThinkWithNiche Dr. Sunni Lampasso, who serves as the CEO of Shaping Success, describes mindset as a collection of preconceptions and credence that are hard to observe. Therefore, she also pressesContinue reading “Growth Mindset Blossoms into Successful Leadership”

Project Management- A Step Closer To Your Goals

Post Highlights Are you unfamiliar with project management? What is its significance and scope as a business? If you want to start project management as a consulting firm, this blog is a must-read; it will teach you about the value of project management and how it can help you achieve your objectives. #ThinkWithNiche Let’s startContinue reading “Project Management- A Step Closer To Your Goals”

बिज़नेस लीडर के पास होने चाहिए ये गुण ?

Post Highlights एक बिज़नेस लीडर बनना इतना आसान नहीं है जितना लोगों को लगता है। हमें अक्सर उनकी सफलता दिखाई जाती है, लेकिन उन्होंने सफल होने के लिए क्या-क्या किया, इस पर शायद ही कोई ध्यान देता है। मार्केटिंग, नेटवर्किंग के अलावा एक बिज़नेस लीडर के पास और भी कई स्किल्स का होना जरूरी है।Continue reading “बिज़नेस लीडर के पास होने चाहिए ये गुण ?”