Important Newspaper Organisations

Post Highlights The following blog brings to you information about newspaper organizations and how they work and regulate bodies. #ThinkWithNiche IntroductionFor nearly two centuries, newspapers have stood the test of time. They are still rated as the most credible type of media today. Readers keep relying on the printed word because they believe that what isContinue reading “Important Newspaper Organisations”

Kangana Ranaut Brought The Onset of Empowering Women In The Film Industry

Post Highlights Kangana Ranaut is the most revered personality in the country. With blockbuster hits, she has grabbed the attention of global waters and everyone loves her persona alike. She has sent shock waves to the country, not once but more than zillion times. #ThinkWithNiche Most of the women expect no labeling, no shaming, andContinue reading “Kangana Ranaut Brought The Onset of Empowering Women In The Film Industry”

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