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Not The Secret Seven; They Are India’s Wonder-Seven

Post Highlights 29th August is our National Sports Day, so, on this gifted day let’s talk about our gifted talents who brought medals for India after having hard fights in Tokyo Olympics. They are our Seven Wonders. Have a happy reading. #ThinkWithNiche. Let’s Celebrate The National Sports Day With The Seven Olympic Champions And TheContinue reading “Not The Secret Seven; They Are India’s Wonder-Seven”

किन भारतीयों ने खेल को शिखर तक पहुँचाया?

Post Highlights कोशिशें सफलता का रूप धर एक दिन हमारे समक्ष प्रकट होती ही हैं। यदि लगन पक्की हो तो व्यक्ति इतिहास में अपना नाम और काम दोनों दर्ज कर जाता है। इन खिलाड़ियों ने देश के हर उन बच्चों के सपने को सच करने का कारण दिया है, जो कुछ कारणवश अपने सपने सेContinue reading “किन भारतीयों ने खेल को शिखर तक पहुँचाया?”

5 Great Indian Sports Women Who Are Challenging Norms

Sports has long been a dominating space for men but that has been changing slowly over the years as many strong and talented women have entered sports and made their country proud at the international level.

The Magician, The wizard – Major Dhyan Chand

The man who introduced the power of hockey to the world, hailed as the best hockey player till now, the magician , Major Dhyan Chand .