how Paid Media Supports a Business

Post Highlights Companies who pay for advertisements have complete control over who sees their advertisements. This allows businesses to fine-tune their ad’s targeting and make it more effective. #ThinkWithNiche It can appear that a company’s own and earned media are enough.Through earned and owned media, positive reviews and word of mouth can help it grow.SponsoredContinue reading “how Paid Media Supports a Business”

Which Is Better for Business Promotion: Public Relations or Advertising

Post Highlights At family gatherings and social occasions, I am frequently asked, “What do you do for a living?” as well as, “What is public relations?” “It’s like advertising without the money,” I explain. There are clear contrasts between public relations and advertising. #ThinkWithNiche To put it another way, advertising is bought media, whereas publicContinue reading “Which Is Better for Business Promotion: Public Relations or Advertising”

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