How to Open a Restaurant Checklist 2022

Do you want to start your own restaurant? At the start of 2020, the National Restaurant Association estimated that there were over 1 million restaurant businesses in the United States, employing roughly 15.6 million people and generating $899 billion in annual sales. As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread, it is estimated that 100,000 restaurants haveContinue reading “How to Open a Restaurant Checklist 2022”

How Important is the Ambience of a Restaurant in its Success

Post Highlights Your customer must be made to feel special. Of course, with your exceptional hospitality skills, you’re leaving no stone unattended. Your customer will be completely mesmerized by a great atmosphere with adequate lighting that suits the ethos of your cuisine. If a restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine incorporates graphics and art depicting Italy,Continue reading “How Important is the Ambience of a Restaurant in its Success”

Marketing Strategies from the Biggest Food Chain – Barbeque Nation

Post Highlights Many restaurant businesses come and go, but it takes a strong vision and unwavering determination to get to where Barbeque Nation is now. Under the guidance of Kayum Dhanani, who is currently the company’s Managing Director (MD), the restaurant chain has grown by leaps and bounds. #ThinkWithNiche Barbeque Nation has more than 130 locationsContinue reading “Marketing Strategies from the Biggest Food Chain – Barbeque Nation”

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