कैसे टाटा नमक अपने विज्ञापन के साथ बना देश का नमक

Post Highlights आज भारतीय बाज़ार में “टाटा नमक” को कौन नहीं जानता। यह शायद अधिकांश घरों में उपयोग किया जाने वाला सबसे लोकप्रिय नमक ब्रांड है। तो क्या आपने कभी सोचा कि नमक जैसी सामान्य वस्तु कैसे आज “देश का नमक” बन गई। #Thinkwithniche नमक एक ऐसा उत्पाद है जो हर घर की ज़रूरत है।Continue reading “कैसे टाटा नमक अपने विज्ञापन के साथ बना देश का नमक”

बिज़नेस में विज्ञापन का महत्व

Post Highlights विज्ञापन के जरिये हम व्यवसाय को बढ़ाते हैं। यदि हम मार्केट में अपने उत्पाद का परिचय नहीं देंगे तो कस्टमर तक उत्पाद कैसे पहुचेंगा? इसलिए विज्ञापन का व्यवसाय में बहुत अधिक महत्व है। #Thinkwithniche विज्ञापन advertisement एक गैर-व्यक्तिगत non-personal प्रक्रिया है, जिसमें प्रायोजक अपने प्रोडक्ट product या सर्विसेज services को बढ़ावा देने के लिए विज्ञापन कंपनियों को भुगतानContinue reading “बिज़नेस में विज्ञापन का महत्व”

Outsourced Sales and marketing 7 pros

Post Highlights Like any other organizational operation, sales and marketing can be outsourced to a vendor.Parts or all of these procedures can be outsourced. #ThinkWithNiche In any case, there are various advantages to outsourcing for businesses. The greatest benefit is available when a company wishes to move into new markets. You can get started quickly andContinue reading “Outsourced Sales and marketing 7 pros”

5 Tips To Amplify Your Holiday E-Commerce Sales

Post Highlights Our last summer moments are fading, but the fourth quarter is approaching, which means it’s time for the all-important holiday shopping season. This year has seen considerable uncertainty in the e-commerce business as a result of these issues. #ThinkWithNiche As a result of Covid’s return and supply chain issues, merchants may have toContinue reading “5 Tips To Amplify Your Holiday E-Commerce Sales”

Can You Win Customers With Sales Perks Here Are 6 Ways Other Brands Have Tried

Post Highlights Commerce, whether conducted online or on the High Street, is a competitive business. While you may have a unique approach to your business, there are probably a million others competing for your client’s attention. #ThinkWithNiche Getting noticed, status, among this crowd, is challenging, and it’s tempting to head down the course of theContinue reading “Can You Win Customers With Sales Perks Here Are 6 Ways Other Brands Have Tried”

India’s Top Sustainable Furniture Brands

Post Highlights The furniture market is ushering into a new world of sustainability and key-builders are now understanding the importance of sustainable products in this line of trade. Since the furniture business can be heavily taxing on our environmental resources, the growing popularity of sustainable tech-based furniture is growing by the day. #ThinkWithNiche There isContinue reading “India’s Top Sustainable Furniture Brands”

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