How to Start and Grow a Clothing Business

Starting your clothing company can be difficult. Before you start a clothing business, there are many things to consider. These include the location, type of clothing and pricing. With a little effort and hard work, it is possible to start your own clothing company and make a decent living. This blog post will walk you through how to start andContinue reading “How to Start and Grow a Clothing Business”

Learn How Family and Friends Can Help Start Your Business

Having the support of your loved ones can make a difference to your ultimate success. There are many ways to succeed on your own, but it is much more possible to have the support of those who matter most. This is a list of steps that will help you to learn how your family and friends canContinue reading “Learn How Family and Friends Can Help Start Your Business”

What are the Primary Activities of Michael Porter’s Value Chain?

A value-chain is a collection of processes that a business or organisation uses to generate revenue. A value chain is a collection of subsystems that work together to create products and services. It encompasses the entire process from start to finish. Value chain of Michael Porter Michael Porter created a strategic tool to examine a company’s value chains because of their importance.Continue reading “What are the Primary Activities of Michael Porter’s Value Chain?”

How Technology Can Empower the Indian MSME Landscape

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises What is MSMEs? In India, they play a key role in creating employment opportunities at lower capital costs, reducing regional imbalances, and encouraging industrialization in rural areas. Nearly all Indian sectors are experiencing significant transformations thanks to digital technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. Small, Medium and LargeContinue reading “How Technology Can Empower the Indian MSME Landscape”

MSMEs & Fast Digital Growth – A Smart Growth

A survey by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) found that 67 percent of respondents to MSMEs indicated temporary closures for three months or more during COVID in fiscal year 2020-21. Over half of MSMEs that responded experienced a revenue drop of greater than 25% in 2020-21. A total of 66 percent reported that profitability was affectedContinue reading “MSMEs & Fast Digital Growth – A Smart Growth”

How to Build a Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

We learned something from Covid-19: While we can plan as well as we like, the unexpected can strike and it can be easy to lose sight of what we are doing. We are not going back to the pre-Covid-19 era. We can only do one thing about it: evaluate how things are currently operating, so we canContinue reading “How to Build a Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business”

Top 14 High Paying Skills to Master in 2022

It would be wonderful if all degrees could provide you with high-demand, marketable skills. One of the biggest challenges for new graduates is to distinguish between what they have learned and what employers are looking for. While your degree may have given you a certain set of skills, they only represent a small portion of whoContinue reading “Top 14 High Paying Skills to Master in 2022”

Three Inspirational Success Stories of Young Entrepreneurs

Younger generations are full of life, and their dreams have no limits. They are driven and adventurous in their thinking and pursuit of knowledge, making it easy for them to decide what they want to do in this fast-paced world. The World has witnessed the growth of young entrepreneurs, and India has been an important step in the long-termContinue reading “Three Inspirational Success Stories of Young Entrepreneurs”

How Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare will Transformation the Medical Sector for Good

A.I. has great potential in 2022. There is much to do in healthcare but great potential for A.I. We are about to discuss artificial intelligence (AI), in healthcare and medicine. I have thought about the implications of AI for Good and am convinced that the best work will be done in healthcare and medicine. Since the beginning ofContinue reading “How Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare will Transformation the Medical Sector for Good”

How to Build a Marketing Pitch?

Your sales pitch is a crucial part of any deal. It’s your opening line and your verbal business card that you will be hearing when you meet or call a customer. Because I have been in sales for so long, I am well-versed in the differences between good and bad pitches. In this post I wantContinue reading “How to Build a Marketing Pitch?”

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