Villain Who Made Thor Unworthy- Gorr (The God Butcher)

The audience went wild when it was announced that Christian Bale would play Gorr in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Every comic book enthusiast is completely aware of this character, but those who just follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe have many queries, such as: Who is Gorr? Why is he referred to as “the God Butcher”?Continue reading “Villain Who Made Thor Unworthy- Gorr (The God Butcher)”

Upcoming Marvel Movies That Will Quench Your Thrill-thirst!

What caused the chicken to cross the street? Who cares, right? The only thing you care about is a list of all upcoming Marvel films and their release dates, and I’d like to share everything I know about the MCU Phase 4 films with you. The majority of you reading this blog are in yourContinue reading “Upcoming Marvel Movies That Will Quench Your Thrill-thirst!”

Thor: Love and Thunder – Plot Leak That Seems Real

MCU fans have always been swinging with the pendulum of emotions when it came to exploring plot leaks and evading them! It is a choice that feels harder than choosing between Scarlett Johansson and Scarlett Witch! Here’s another tricky one for you! This blog is drenched with information that you might or might not wantContinue reading “Thor: Love and Thunder – Plot Leak That Seems Real”

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