What Is Entrepreneurship And Who Is An Entrepreneur

Are you familiar with the concept of entrepreneurship? No, come along with me and I’ll lead you to a wonderful detailed read. One of the advantages of choosing entrepreneurship is the professional independence you get from it. Becoming an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to start a business or product from scratch and transform anContinue reading “What Is Entrepreneurship And Who Is An Entrepreneur”

5 Important Marketing Communication Strategies

The goal of marketing is to raise brand awareness and then convert that awareness into sales. Before you can design a sure-fire Marketing Communications Strategy, all you need is planning, research, and a few test runs. When it comes to B2B marketing methods, the first thing that comes to mind is direct and outbound techniques,Continue reading “5 Important Marketing Communication Strategies”

Can India Maintain Sustainability in Sanitation?

India has done a lot of work in making it a clean India. However, are the steps taken by the government enough to make this possible, or do we need to make more efforts? Read the article to find out what we are lacking in sustaining sanitation. #TWN To Read More Click Here To ReadContinue reading “Can India Maintain Sustainability in Sanitation?”

How to Vote #India: What You Need to Know

Post Highlights There are many different ways to vote in India. Some people believe that voting isn’t as important as it used to be. They say that with the current political situation, it’s more important for people to express their opinions through social media or by writing letters to the government. Others think that votingContinue reading “How to Vote #India: What You Need to Know”

Zomato Completed Shut Down of its South Africa Subsidiary

News Synopsis Food Delivery company Zomato has completely shut down its South Africa subsidiary this month. According to the BSE filing, the company has confirmed that Zomato South Africa Proprietory Ltd has been deregistered. The process of dissolution was started in November last year. Zomato has said in a filing last year that the SouthContinue reading “Zomato Completed Shut Down of its South Africa Subsidiary”

What is Trap Music? A Guided Tour of the Genres and More

The term trap music is often used to describe hip-hop and EDM genres that are more bass-heavy than the rest of their respective genres. The term was first used in the early 2000s and has since been used by many artists. The origins of the term are unknown. However, we’ll walk you through some greatContinue reading “What is Trap Music? A Guided Tour of the Genres and More”

The Environment To Create When Establishing A Startup

The CEO of a startup has a million things on his plate. You’ve been up for 72 hours and haven’t had a genuine meal in who knows how long since you’ve been so busy working or thinking about work. Making sure you and your staff are healthy can mean the difference between your startup failureContinue reading “The Environment To Create When Establishing A Startup”

Are NFTs the Next Bitcoin?

NFT! NFT! NFT! If you are even slightly active on Social Media, you must have come across this term many times. People are going crazy about this thing, and every influencer, every media personality is talking about this, and a regular person like me and you are quite curious, and we all have this oneContinue reading “Are NFTs the Next Bitcoin?”

How to Manage Waste Products Effectively and Efficiently

Waste Management is an important part of producing quality products, and reducing the amount of waste you produce can save you a lot of money in the long run. Make sure you have a plan and follow it to the letter, and you’ll be on your way to creating a sustainable business. #TWN To ReadContinue reading “How to Manage Waste Products Effectively and Efficiently”

Debutify – The best Shopify theme?

This plan is best suited for beginners starting from scratch. It is the most basic plan of Debutify and does not have to offer much but is an idol for the person who has just stepped into the business and is still in the learning phase. Let’s look at the services provided in this plan:#TWNContinue reading “Debutify – The best Shopify theme?”

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